Monthly Archives: November 2015

The bonding of time

All things come in time.

Time flies

Time heals all wounds.

There are many more sayings concerning time, we have heard so many times. But what makes and why is time so important?

If you are religious than your belief system probably has a time frame of life if not then you probably know that science shows man’s life is a short cycle of 100 years or less with few living longer and many living much less.

We rush though our lives sometime never stopping to think or take a moment to reflect- sometime we spend too much time reflecting. Ever a balance we work for. But can one really balance time maybe in a day a week and even a month but in a year time rules all.

Love can come in a second and last forever, but over time this love can change it can take on many forms even seem to die out, but it is always there.

As with love, hate can come in seconds or simmer over time, built up by deceit and mistrust or false loyalty. Hate takes on forms covetousness. Even shadowing love with it dark cloud. And yet time, seem to push the cloud away and shine new light on love. Or time can allow love to slide over hate soften or replacing hate with love. Time heals all wounds.

Relationships grow and blossom, wilt and die all over time But time itself bonds these relationships.