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 2013-01-30 12.27.04

I search the streets endlessly wondering on, aware of all around but caring less the faceless eyes watching. But I move on searching.

I walk the fields in the day though the night walking on and on still I walk.

I have crossed the ocean, rode on its many waves and steamed though her many seas and I continue to move on.

For I cannot say that I have been everywhere but what I can say and will is that he is everywhere I have been. For my search has not been looking for where is but where he is not.

I see his hand, his work is so refined you can see and feel his work. Not like man’s whom ones see daily his work leaves a beauty that cannot be touched by man.

In the battle scared mountains of Korea to the western deserts of America his work is clear.

I feel his love around me it guides me even when I fight against it, it flows thru me unfetter

It give me peace when non around me are at peace, and shields me from evil that would destroy me.

I need not search for it for it is always with me.

IT is my guiding light,