What does your junk tells you?

A few days ago I was cleaning out my junk mail box, now this is something I do on the regular basis.  And to be truthful I rarely clean out my inbox.  So as I say I was cleaning out the junk when I started looking at the titles.  The thought came to me what do those sending the email think of me.  I know they do not know me personally   and it is probably just sent from a list. But what list are they using for me.

OK what list will I be on?  List one.  I joined a date site in the early years of the internet, like everyone else I have visited   Harmony.com, blackbook, and several other date sites.  For me these sites are money pits.  And a waste of time, But I must say it is interesting to read the profiles. And I have not signed in or visited a site in over five years but I still receive emails.

List two. I have never visited a doctor or ask advise on medical on line, I have never even did a medical search online, but I get lots of emails on meds and other things like male enhancement (not needed or wanted) and my favorite is the blue pill which I count at about five to ten emails a week or maybe a day I not sure just know that is a lot.

I would be amiss if do not list the financial  which come daily they very in what they are selling but they all can save you lots of money so they say.

And last the entire contest I have won, free gift cards (note; if you have to pay shipping it is not free.) free trips, and all those dollars they keep giving me from Africa I should never have to go back to work.

I am not sure you tell me what you think: here a list of titles just some of the emails from this week.

Do you like these boobs?

Text a hookup now! 💑

Hi…..Cherry has updated her profile and wants to share new album with you.

Space Science keeps ice from melting (this one has a Trojan bug in it.)

Installment loans: less stress than a payday loan.

Limp Dick? You’ll never guess how my husband got rock hard

Sarah Jay wants to be friends with you (sent in a Facebook ad but will set off threat alerts.) Note: Sarah jay’s Facebook has been net jacked.

So there; a sample of my junk mail do I look like a guy that needs lot of help.  If so you can email me with your helpful ideas just address it to my junk mail.20160131_1705572013-01-30 12.27.04


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