A open Memorial Day Prayer

Dear heavenly Father there has been a lot of killings these past few months, all of them senseless.  On this Memorial Day I pray for all the men and women that have given their lives so that we can remain free. I ask that you continue to watch over our military, and give strength to those who work day in and day out as Fireman, Police and Doctors, Nurses.  Lord it hurts my heart when I hear the news of these killings. So I pray to you to bless those whose lives have been touched by this madness I pray that you touch the heart of those whom might wish to do harm, that you bring love back into their lives.  For that is what is missing. I pray that you restore the love of life into their lives. I pray for those with so much hate in their heart that it blinds them to love.

These things I pray in Jesus name Amen



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