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The grace given to us by our Lord is power. A power that washes away all pain and sorrow.

All you need is to except it, believe and have faith, bath yourself in his love

Rejoice in his grace.

Written by gary h knox 2-24-2019

[i][i][i][i][i][i][i][i][i]Music love and mercy Kathy Troccoli

How to hear the Lord.

His touch is soft

His voice is quiet

But he is always there waiting for you.

Stop quiet your mind, open your heart and your soul will hear him

Loud as the trumpet flare.


The nature of things

The rain is pouring, and our glass is full

Soon we say farewell say farewell

Blue skies, roaring rivers, sun shines bright.

The nature of things to come

We never know

As coal is to diamonds. And ice to water

The nature of things to come

We never know

A car today, a horse tomorrow,

A coal plant here, a father died there.

We never know, the nature of things.

The rains are longer, the summers shorter and Fallwinter is here

The nature of things to come

We Never Know.