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Why I served

As a young black man, I took a lot flack for joining back in 1978, But I was ok with it. For me it was my destiny my desire, since I was five years old to wear the Uniform of the United States Army, just like my Uncle George and my Brother John and my cousin Melvin. I was proud of them and looked up to them. When I in the fourth grade I met a white man named Marvin he owned Dean’s Cleaners, he gave me my first job. Marvin had served in the Navy during World War Two his ship had been sunk in battle and him and two shipmates left out at sea in a raft for several day before being picked up. Me and Marvin talked a lot about what was going on in the world and he was like a second father to me.  So, I will say that he changed my destiny for now I wanted to go not into the Army but the Navy. So that is why I choose to serve in the Navy.

My Uncle George watched me grad from Boot camp seeing how proud of me he was seeing me in my uniform still bring tears to my eyes. I am proud of my Family whom have served this country well. In many different Jobs. While my Father did not serve his brothers did, my mother worked in the bomber plant during WW2 and her brothers served, and I am not the only one to go to the navy as cousin on my mother side also was Navy. But what I am most proud of is the three sisters whom served as Blue Star Mothers. My mom and her two sisters worked hard serving vets in the hospital returning from Vietnam. As a kid talking to these men helping them in a sense pushed me closer to my future.

Now I must say this I do not think everyone should go to the service, but I do think that everyone is responsible to protect those who serve. From being missed used. We are here because we believe strongly about our freedom and are willing to put our life on the line to protect that freedom for freedom is not free.  You that stay home your job is to make sure that Congress and the President are doing what is best for all the people and not repeat the wrongs of before i.e. (Vietnam, McCathyism). These two events separate but the same in that they will forever be dark periods in our history when the people closed their eyes and ears to what was going on choosing to walk in silence will their family and friends’ lives are devalued.  For every vote not taken, is the life of a soldier or sailor dying, our vote counts not voting costs lives.

I am no different from any other man I served for GOD and my Country and have no regrets. I ask you whom have not, can you say the same or did you choose to be silent?


More and more I am understanding what my silent is doing, simple it kills,

Because I have not raised a voice, I count at least six black people killed in useless violent  

Not just losing their life but our whole as a people devalued.

There is an underlining fear that we most address

A fear that has been tearing us apart.

A fear that is not real but feels real to White America.

I will not be silent about this, White America

Stay this course and the fear will become a reality.

Continue the practice of divide and conquering

Continue the practice of hatemongering

And you will realize your fear.

If you continue Wille Lynch’s practices

That you are self-brain washing to create your destruction.

To quote him” You must also have white servants and overseers [who] distrust all Blacks.”

So, you see you can not control without doing some damage to your own

And that is the problem. open your eyes. Stop looking back glorifying the misled practices of old,

I am done being silent Are you ready to listen?



The grace given to us by our Lord is power. A power that washes away all pain and sorrow.

All you need is to except it, believe and have faith, bath yourself in his love

Rejoice in his grace.

Written by gary h knox 2-24-2019

Music love and mercy Kathy Troccoli

How to hear the Lord.

His touch is soft

His voice is quiet

But he is always there waiting for you.

Stop quiet your mind, open your heart and your soul will hear him

Loud as the trumpet flare.


  (Tell of the Lone Rider)

I am a molded figure made from the dirt of this planet given life though the breath of my creator, I am man.

This is just a form a shell that house the real me. The real me you can not see but you can feel if you open your heart.

I am a believer of our Savior Jesus Christ, and I walk his path daily so many times I have turned from the path only to have him carry me back.

For he is my Protector and Savior I am blessed with his love.

I am me blessed to walk in the light of the Lord all the days of my life.

Who am I?

I am a warrior, born from my mother’s worm fighting for life.  A son carrying the burden of his fathers before him.

I am strong and proud yet meek and full of love I am my Mother’s son.

I am what my father wanted me to be. For he is gone now, and I am alone.

Alone to carry on, to carry the torch of our faith. For both were children of my Lord.

For who am I

I am the Lone Rider, but I am not alone, God rides with me everywhere I go.

So, when you see me riding down the street know that I am not alone.

Join me and feel the present of God and be blessed by his presents for we are not alone.