Coronavirus? what to believe?

Is what has happened in the year 2020 is it the start of the slow death of the world class system?

 Note this Pandemic virus 19 has spread around the world no country has been spared. While the WHO has put out information, and yet still people are dying in masses. I see two profound effects that will begin to play out. First no matter what you believe people are still dying. The number of people dying is and will reduce the world population, the numbers of older generations the brain trust and the younger generations the labor trust numbers regarding total deaths worldwide will determine   where we go from here.  How will each country deal with so many of its citizens dead? What will be the toll on food production will there be enough food being produced or will there be people to even do farming, and you must ask this for every single industry in the world. This will open the door to widespread slavery, which leads me to the second problem.

Race riots that have been spreading across the world is not so much about race as it is about brutally and the use of it to control, the match has been lit now we are seeing the fire spread. The use of violent to keep people down, the use of laws that make people less than human is running its course, even the suppression of knowledge may soon begin to backfire. Worldwide this is playing out in several ways each country it will be different yet the same. The total rejection of the class system in almost every form. In the end the countries that Educate their people as a priority, that looks at its people as assets to the sustainability of their culture and growth, will come out on top.

This is something that will not happen in the US since we have for generations have lowed our educational standards to control the populations. Before you  say I am wrong I ask you first Look at all the programs not just in your community but those that surround you that helped young teens, seniors, just look at the job programs, advance education  that have had success but was just discontinued or defunded.  And you tell me what you see.  I say this because I have seen it firsthand, over a period of thirty plus years working with Nonprofits that had such programs. Look at what you had when you went to school and what your Children have now. Not the things you did not have like computers, but clubs, sports, music and arts the things that build character, social skills and teamwork.  

So, the Pandemic of 2020 and how long it will last will it carry into 2021 and what will be the final death toll be our questions that come to mine. And the protest what changes will they bring, and how fast or will those changes come?  


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