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The grace given to us by our Lord is power. A power that washes away all pain and sorrow.

All you need is to except it, believe and have faith, bath yourself in his love

Rejoice in his grace.

Written by gary h knox 2-24-2019

Music love and mercy Kathy Troccoli

How to hear the Lord.

His touch is soft

His voice is quiet

But he is always there waiting for you.

Stop quiet your mind, open your heart and your soul will hear him

Loud as the trumpet flare.



  (Tell of the Lone Rider)

I am a molded figure made from the dirt of this planet given life though the breath of my creator, I am man.

This is just a form a shell that house the real me. The real me you can not see but you can feel if you open your heart.

I am a believer of our Savior Jesus Christ, and I walk his path daily so many times I have turned from the path only to have him carry me back.

For he is my Protector and Savior I am blessed with his love.

I am me blessed to walk in the light of the Lord all the days of my life.

Who am I?

I am a warrior, born from my mother’s worm fighting for life.  A son carrying the burden of his fathers before him.

I am strong and proud yet meek and full of love I am my Mother’s son.

I am what my father wanted me to be. For he is gone now, and I am alone.

Alone to carry on, to carry the torch of our faith. For both were children of my Lord.

For who am I

I am the Lone Rider, but I am not alone, God rides with me everywhere I go.

So, when you see me riding down the street know that I am not alone.

Join me and feel the present of God and be blessed by his presents for we are not alone.