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The grace given to us by our Lord is power. A power that washes away all pain and sorrow.

All you need is to except it, believe and have faith, bath yourself in his love

Rejoice in his grace.

Written by gary h knox 2-24-2019

Music love and mercy Kathy Troccoli

How to hear the Lord.

His touch is soft

His voice is quiet

But he is always there waiting for you.

Stop quiet your mind, open your heart and your soul will hear him

Loud as the trumpet flare.


  (Tell of the Lone Rider)

I am a molded figure made from the dirt of this planet given life though the breath of my creator, I am man.

This is just a form a shell that house the real me. The real me you can not see but you can feel if you open your heart.

I am a believer of our Savior Jesus Christ, and I walk his path daily so many times I have turned from the path only to have him carry me back.

For he is my Protector and Savior I am blessed with his love.

I am me blessed to walk in the light of the Lord all the days of my life.

Who am I?

I am a warrior, born from my mother’s worm fighting for life.  A son carrying the burden of his fathers before him.

I am strong and proud yet meek and full of love I am my Mother’s son.

I am what my father wanted me to be. For he is gone now, and I am alone.

Alone to carry on, to carry the torch of our faith. For both were children of my Lord.

For who am I

I am the Lone Rider, but I am not alone, God rides with me everywhere I go.

So, when you see me riding down the street know that I am not alone.

Join me and feel the present of God and be blessed by his presents for we are not alone.

Twenty years pass due. The smart house is own it way.

Long ago predictions;

Many years back when I was just in the third grade a man from the Ohio Bell[i] company came to our school. He talked about the telephone and then showed us a movie of what we would see in the future. Now their prediction of the future of technology was more like Ma and Pa Parker[ii] but the year 2000 came and went, there, where no streets of smart houses and all the great robots where still just in the movies. Now being so young I believed that yes one day we would live like the Jetsons and I think most kids at that time believed this their future where their parent believed that it was more fantasy than real. This could explain the disconnect some older people have with technology today. The reality is the tech is here or let say almost here since there has not been a building, car or city. That puts all this tech together in one sustainable cohesive format to move us into the space age of the Jetsons. [iii]Which raises the questions why not and what happen to slow or stop this move forward? Now there can be a lot of discussion on this subject, but I am wanting to document just a few of my thoughts. One the brake up of Ma Bell it was good and bad in fact many of the big cases like this had good and bad outcomes. The problem really seems to be how the breakups reformed and what direction and miss step they took. But overall the technology in my life time seems to be moving faster in the later years or I am just getting old.

Casio[iv], Sony[v] and Minolta[vi]?

Now these where great brands I had a Casio watch called a data bank it was one of the first digital watches and it had everything, world time  7 different cities, stop watches, stored phone numbers close to a 100 I think never filled it up, but it  was a life line, and being in the Navy it was the perfect watch. Back then I thought that Sony had the lock on television tech, when they acquired Erickson company known for their sounds, out of this came a cell phone. What a phone big and clunky but full of features I would say it was the Casio watch in the phone plus a voice recorder, mp3 player and you could even buy a printer for it. Early smart phone maybe. Later Sony acquired a camera company Konica/Minolta, I have always liked Minolta cameras that was my brand of choice before I switched to Nikon.  And when the digital came in the Konica/Minolta was my first digital camera before I brought my first DSLR, a Nikon. Now Sony and Casio are in the camera market and Sony is even making headway into the Pro camera Market. So, Casio and Sony, where is my Dick Tracy style comm. watch? Hey, we have smart phones, smart watches, devices to talk to. that runs our lights, tv and computer. We can control our home security from remote locations. I’m just saying.

Maybe a Divorce  Would have been better.

While the breakup of companies like AT&T[vii] (ma bell) into many companies that compete was good for competition a case can be made that it slowed development of technology. The splitting of companies also meant that the intellectual   assets are divided and development of new and like products take a life of their own. In one tech, out another even before we can get uses to it. Example; VHS, laser disc, CDs mp3 and now jump drive all ways of storing data. If like any bad breakup the kids (intellectual assets) suffers. Split in development and research with companies dropping one line of development for another, only to go back to it.  Maybe if there were visitation rights added to the breakups where the assets could be shared. I would have my Dick Tracy multi-function communication wrist watch by now. Truth is I could care less about a smart house, just give me the watch.



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[vii] AT&T Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered at Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas. It is the world’s largest telecommunications

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Please stay out my mouth.

Being somewhat introvert I wonder what women are thinking a lot. But I guess that is the case with most men. Not that it really matters since what they are thinking will not change how some men approach them. Now I have heard many say that they do not like the cat call and I can understand that.
But here is what I do not understand I probably will never understand. As I said I am an introvert by nature, so in most cases I will not start a conversation with a women in public except to be polite. And that would only be to say hello, good morning or some other neutral greeting. And in most cases it is only when she has spoken to me. Now if you ignore my greeting that usually tells me to blow off and I do. What I have notice and this has been not just once but several times, is that I have greeted you and you blow me off , than someone else come up and they start a conversation with me. I look up and you are watching every word coming out our mouths. Some times to the point that we move away from you to keep the conversation to ourselves. In most cases we are only having a general conversation but even that can feel uncomfortable when someone is looking at you. My problem is that this seems to be a constant (not just one woman but several). I take public transit so this happens a lot. I understand not wanting to speak, even that you might think I am hitting on by saying hello. But for me that took a lot to just to say hello so if you do not respond I am not going to put myself out there pass that. So I am not going to ask you what’s on your mind. Just if you cannot be polite enough to return my greeting , Please stay out my mouth. It is rude and you are starting to give me a complex. If you feel I am hitting on you am not.
I have gotten use to being an introvert, and most of the time I understand that I will be alone most the time. And I am ok with that. But what I am not ok with is the women’s ego that thinks that every man want to hit on them. The whole act of being a human being is lost to them. But I must be fair there are men like this also. But that does not matter to me. My point is that every time someone speaks to me I am not thinking why are you hitting on me.
So if I greet you on the street and say hello please do not think I am hitting on you.
But If I ever got the nerve to say “hey fine momma how you doing today. Than run something wrong with me.
Otherwise please stay out my mouth.20160131_170557wpid-20150815_124747.jpg