part two

In one word everything. The problem is not within the party its outside. It is the Republican Party that is their problem. They just do not see a shared vision.  Both parties have failed the people.

Lets look at a few topics like education, transportation, and the environment. I will not talk about health care, but you will see where I’m going. Before I start you will try and put a label on me like federalist or socialist, but I am neither I am a realist.  For it is a reality that the least educated populations of the world suffer greatly because of it.  So, if a country is to remain strong than it would be wise to educate its citizens right.

Now for the most part we do educate our citizens but there are gaps that have almost stopped our growth. Mostly due to policies that are just bad. Education is not just a right, but it is a responsibility of every citizen to be productive to the society as a whole and the government to make sure they have the tools needed to succeed. So, I would like to see a change in our view not k-12 but PreK- 14, yes, I said 14.


We should have free(required) education up to the first two years of college. Which should be paid for by federal and state funds; with Vocational courses starting in the 7th grade and formal job training programs starting in the 11th grade into jr. college. Now the end of high school will see some students going on to four years some will finish their two years of jr college, and some will go to the military and some will go straight to the work force.  My point is a more educated work force that gives us fluidities. Which is what we need, to stay ahead in a changing world. We should spend money in the early years on reading, math, music and science, 7th through 9th should be loaded with vocational classes, sports, arts, and social building clubs (debate, 4h, jr achievement, scouts) as well history and math.

What I am proposing is not new at one time this was done in some parts of the country in the past ,but since the eighties there has been a slow war against educating the masses, school programs, and afterschool programs are defunded, I have seen first hand how a program that is successful be defunded, forced to find funding that is just not there. With no good reason for defunding.

I must say this that my view is narrow in this regards, When I hear someone that is against an education bill that offers to advance free education I think they think like a Dictator because they do not want to educate they want to control.

And I guess this is my point over all WHAT IS WRONG WITH BOTH PARTIES IS THEY THINK LIKE Dictators.

They want to control us not govern us.

Truth is there needs to be and is long past due a change in both Parties Leadership.

 On to the topic of Transportation which is also connected to infrastructures. I just want to say the country is old some of the sewers date back to late 1800s. How many jobs would be created if we rebuild/modernize the country’s infrastructure, this could also help the environment, how many Mayors wish they had the funds that could not just fix their sewer problem but help his farmers as well.

I said I was a realist I know these things are not Possible today, and not in the future for the simple fact. for these things to happen you need an educated work force we have a shortage of teachers in all fields, so training in skilled trades and advance tech not possible. What is sad is that Countries like China send there students here to get an education and pay good money, but they do not care why because they are building their brain trust.  Oh, what fools they must think we are.

To finish this rant, I must repeat.


Part 2

I started this rant awhile back and a lot has happened. After reading what I wrote I am writing this part to continue the rant

Texas will play an important part if the governor and the president can sit down and map out the rebuilding of its old gas infrastructure. Oh, that will cost money, and do we even have the brain trust to do it?

A study that removed equality barriers found that our out put would increase and living standards would improve, WOW Mary Daly you could have gave me that study money I could  have told you that, and there is also the point of who’s listening, well I  do if nobody else does?


GOP will confirm with their votes that Civil War for the second time in our short history is in the air.

Who will lead it if Trump does not Ted Cruz is betting on himself Say hello to Marcos jr.?

And it has begone how will this play out when the dust end who will be the Dictator of the new country that was the United States?

To be continue. Maybe?


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