Angel of God

This month 2009 God came and took one of his angels.
He left an empty void where she was , But he promised
That If I had Faith that void would be filled.
So I have been faithful but the void is still there.
Then I learned in my faith the void was filled but the void continues to
Grow it is the void of my faith reaching out for the word that gives its strength.
This month in 2009 God came and took his angel
He left his faithful child to carry on he promised that
He would not abandon him and would always protect him.
This month in 2016 his child sits remembering the promises
His heart is humble because he knows that God has not just kept
His Promise But he has blessed you with more than you could ever imagine.
So on this day in 2016 I thank God for all his blessing, and for the angel who raised me.
And for the Angels that he has set to watch over me.

These things I pray in Jesus name Amen.


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