Open Birthday prayer2016

I normally wait until my Birthday to write this prayer but, the event of the last day as changed this; Yesterday, I was hit with a bomb shell Prince was found dead. Now most that know me know that I am a Prince fan. There are very few artists that I followed like I followed Prince and Joe Sample; these are the two whom I would go see without a second thought. And the loss of Prince hurt in ways I cannot explain. Knowing that everyone has a time still does not make it easier.   But I must smile when I think how you and God will finally sit down and have that talk on” Temptations”.

So on this date 4/22/2016 I start my Open Birthday Prayer:


Oh my Lord Father blessed is your name on earth and heaven above for thru you all grace and glory comes. I give thanks this year of my fifty-six year on this earth I give thanks to your protection your guidance. But most of all I give thanks for the strength you have given me.  Thru all the trials you have made me wiser and renewed my love for you and strengthen my faith. I have seen the signs you have laid before me and these things I pray;  First Lord Father I give thanks to you for being with me, my family and friends for you have kept us safe and protected ,this year giving us  strength and guidance  all along the way. I pray that in this coming year that I grow closer to your love and stronger in my faith. I pray for those whom would fight life’s   battles without   you for they need you the most. I pray that you temper my anger, with patience and understanding. I like a special pray for my City that was once full of your children now has lost it path. I pray for all our Presidential Candidates Whom all have seemed to gotten in bed with the devil. And lastly I pray that you will continue to work though me, allowing me to be a light to those whom need to find your love lighting the path for them.

These things I pray to the one and only god in Jesus name Amen.






Gary H Knox

Submitted; April 22, 2016


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